There Is Life In The Forsaken Woods

by The Wakers

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released January 30, 2014



all rights reserved


The Wakers Aarhus, Denmark

The Wakers is a Post-Hardcore band started in 2012. The Wakers is a new start for us all, where we want the sound to reflect exactly that.
We chose a lighter and less brutal sound as a reflection on loss, hope and meaning.

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Track Name: Hollow Resurection
Hollow Resurrection..

This is a hollow Resurrection
You will Bleed, You will bleed

I've never been more afraid of life,
and I've never been this intrigued x2
I won't be carried by the current nor by the wind
But by heart and feet.

My words are coming in like waves,
crushing into the shore, too instantly
not leaving the shore time to breath
I want to leave it living.

This resurrection will show itself as a lamp before your feet.
You'll wield it yourself with your hand in mine, guiding us.
not before or after
but when you know it, you know it, we the two of us,
We'll be combined.
There's ever so much truth to be found in you
I want to sort it out!
I want to live it out!
We can talk through shivers, we can open damns
We can set fire to the old house and build one anew
We are the escaped captives from today
now let us escape back to the fire
let's go go back to fire
let's go home

I won't be carried by the current nor by the wind
But by heart and feet.
I've never been more afraid of life,
and I've been this intrigued

Still we'll see sister singing praise
while brothers pressing metal towards theirs and others skin.
This world will end but, will keep it together.

So be it, our way shall be to be strung together as a beautiful song until then.
If only we hold each other tight
Not running into the vast emptiness of deprived individualism.

This hollow resurrection, you will bleed.
And it will cut you open,
it will make you free,
you'll have trusted hands to grasp,
formed as a cups under your scars.
This is a hollow resurrection.
Track Name: Children of the Atom
Children of the Atom
We are the People of tomorrow,
Sounds great on loop doesn't it?
It sends a message that we are the future
We Represent progress and what comes next.
But obviously there's a Problem
with being the people of tomorrow.
Tomorrow will never be today.

We wait and we wait for the change,
Looking at the past to see the pattern
to heal by looking back at the days when we had wings.
This pattern we look at to break out
out of the thoughts that holds us back.
figuring the fight in past to find it in the future?
But obviously there's a Problem
with finding it in the future.
Tomorrow will never be today.

My wings we're taken away by circumstance
weary weather and stormy seas
Cause and effect has put us on lockdown
We look for a medic, medication or self medication
maybe just a sufficient vacation.
To take our hearts away from the trouble of today
and our minds get torn from the tomorrow.

I've asked for visions of the future so often.
But I won't ask for wings once carried
they're dead and gone, turned to mud and water
Never to be recognized again
But I'll recall them anyway
Let from the wound of the old ones
grow a new pair in their image.
As I recall them without failure, fault and fraction.
I'll soar over the mountains and look for adventure
it's there I know, just need to pay attention
only because I learned to fashion them out of the wounds
and when they get torn off again I'll do it again
A create once more better for each time

I won't wait for tomorrow

Track Name: Crowbar Key
Crowbar key
The pain is necessary for change
But i avoid and I'll keep it from you if I can't
Even though it's poisen killing you.
it's still a part of our habitual self,
Oh how we want it.
We crave it
Oh how we want it

Even in a book, about a sailor sailing the seas,
Sitting under the palm of a tree on the biggest of rocks
gazing at the blue sea and all the answers it contains
I keeps asking, seeking in the words of clever men

they give water to plants that are my thoughts..
I look under the clouds friends have set around their heads
And i want to break those floor boards up

where your hiding your answers and questions
whatever you have hidden
bring out the crowbars
Bring out the crowbar Keys

I avoid the painful change
while i turn over every stone for answers, a learning
a new thing for me open my mind and heart
to change that thing in me that is stubborn
I'm better of killing it than keeping it alive

There's a hurt in every change
that's the curse of having a home in habit.
Track Name: Rivers pt. 1
Let's sound a praise for the fact that we are fighters
Not for the way we fight

I'm standing in the rain of years of movement,
there's a cleansing in the air that I can't explain.
I care not to explain.
rocks rolling from the mountain
changing the landscape only to seek it's destruction
there's a cleansing in the air that I can't explain.

are we standing at the edge of an end
are we shaking
i want to keep my hands still..

There are users and abusers
Taker and creators
Miners and middleaged women craving their gold

When the shades of grey fade
and nuances are bright and gloom
where will you find yourself,
what good have you done

Let's sound a praise for the fact that we are fighters
Now let us learn how to fight
Track Name: Rivers pt. 2
There is hope where you put it
There's life in the forsaken woods
We are sailing on the dry rivers
still the words you hold are good,
your hands seems prepared,
and you know they only need to be pushed by a gentle hand
but your hands aren't soft enough.

Keep pushing keep moving

A sparrow is coming your way
and a single blow from it's wings will nock over
it's not always about strength
Let a sparrow be your bane
and you'll see that I never left you when I ran
sometimes beauty is by far enough
The birds left are all about fall
But let's not wait for a spring

We are so frightful of fight
now let's loose that fear

fear itself is just your mind not recognizing the pattern
and just where's the fun in listening to science

What else can I say,
I do dare to hope

So keep pushing, loose your pride, fail and then say
We are figthers!

So keep pushing, loose your pride, fail and then say
We are fighters!